How to Name a Business for Online Success

A little up front business name research will go a long way in assisting with your ultimate success in the online world. Google’s free Keyword Tool allows you to search on words and phrases to find the number of monthly searches on terms being typed into search engines. Think of it as your own personal business name generator. For example, if your business rents out sno cone machines and you use the keyword tool to search on “sno cone,” the keywords tool will provide a list of related terms that people are searching on.

Click on the “Global Searches” header to sort from highest number of searches to lowest. Then scan the list to find phrases with low competition. In our example, “ice cone” is searched on globally 135,000 times per month and has low competition. This may suggest that, at least from a domain standpoint, it would be beneficial for search engines and your site traffic if “ice cone” is part of the business name URL.

Now visit a domain site such as GoDaddy to check on potential available business domain names. In our example, you could check “ice cone authority,” “ice cone café,” “ice cone parties,” “ice cone rentals,” etc. GoDaddy will also provide recommendations on similar URLs, based on your search, that are available.

Before you buy a business domain name, remember to check with your state corporation commission to verify the business name is also available there if you are planning to use all or part of the URL for your actual business name.

Business Organization Structure

Now that you have narrowed down a few business name options, depending on your business plan, you will want to consider which organization structure makes sense for you. CPA’s and attorneys should be consulted for new businesses involving partners to ensure the appropriate structure is used and all parties are represented fairly and equally. Any partnership operating agreements should include share transfer policies, succession planning and exit strategies should any member need to resign. Many people prefer an LLC organization structure, which can include single member LLCs and typically provide more protection than a DBA.

In the case of online businesses, some people create an umbrella LLC (so you have only one entity to manage for tax purposes and bank accounts), and then set up a variety of DBAs under the LLC, for the business name URLs they select.

Once business type is selected, you can file simple DBAs or LLCs yourself through your corporation commission. If you don’t have the time or desire to deal with the paperwork, consider a service such as LegalZoom. They offer a large variety of legal services at reasonable prices and provide a quick turnaround.

Brand Your Social Media Username

As soon as you have selected the business domain and reserved as relevant with the corporation commission, it’s time to select your social media username. Even if your site isn’t live and you aren’t sure exactly how you will use social media yet, you will want to reserve a username across platforms that compliments your business / URL name.

Visit and type in names complimentary to your business name. This will be your social media username your business is known by on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Digg, etc. If we had chosen Ice Cone Authority ( for our business name URL, you might check iceconeauth, iceconepro, or icecone4u as some social media username options. You will want a name that is available on most or all platforms.

Once you have selected your social media username, you can go to each social media site and sign up to reserve the username. Knowem offers a paid service to reserve your selected username on your behalf if prefer that option.

While the above may seem like a lot of work, some time and energy to think things through at the beginning can make a big difference in your long-term online success.

Will I Lose My Personal Assets in a Business Bankruptcy?

Business bankruptcy, generally filed as Chapter 11, encompasses many circumstances that will determine the vulnerability of your personal assets in a business bankruptcy case. Rely on a full service business counsel to determine which assets are at risk, and why.

Depending upon the structure of your business, the risks to your personal assets can vary greatly. If you are a sole proprietor or a partnership, there will be a greater chance of creditors coming after your personal assets than if you are an LLC or corporation. It is far from being that simple, however. An LLC, although offering greater protection than a sole proprietorship, does not protect all personal assets as well as a corporation. In addition, a small business owner, regardless of the business structure, is often required to sign a personal guarantee:

• To the banks for a credit line
• To the landlord for rent of the business property
• To vendors for materials

These personal guarantees make all personal assets regarded like collateral and subject to liens and liquidation.

There are other areas which a business owner may be personally responsible for, such as payroll and certain taxes, and a business bankruptcy will have no effect on this responsibility. The importance of consulting with a qualified bankruptcy attorney, and a business accountant, prior to filing can accurately determine what options for personal asset protection might be available to both the small business owner and the larger corporation. You may be personally impacted by the filing but the degree of adversity can be greatly affected by the presence of these professionals as advisors.

The way a bankruptcy affects one’s personal assets is, to a high degree, established during the formation of the business and how the personal liability is predetermined. Whether the business is treated as a single entity or a separate entity during its formation decides much of the personal risk factor. Unfortunately many persons start a business without considering the risks that may go with a potential bankruptcy. No one plans to go bankrupt, but more than half of small businesses fail their first year.

It is not necessarily fact that an even an LLC or corporation will be exempt from personal suits being filed. Automatic stay provisions of the Federal Bankruptcy Law may extend to foreclosures and personal legal proceedings if reorganization under Chapter 11 is not possible.

If you, as an individual, borrowed cash and infused it into a business at the inception and converted the business to a LLC or corporation later on, that money is still guaranteed as a personal liability. It is a common misconception that once a sole proprietor incorporates that all personal obligations are buried in the corporate organization. In fact this could not be further from the truth.

Full service business counsel should be consulted prior to starting any business because every business has risks. Experienced professionals can help to reduce those risks at the onset and help to shelter one’s personal liabilities in the future.

Kolkata Hotels for Business Travelers

Business travelers to Kolkata usually expect a central location, excellent service, and great value for their money. A good hotel ensures that a business traveler focuses on their business rather than their stay. Find out some of the hotels that are best suited for business travel.

Kolkata is one of the most important business destinations in India and is located in West Bengal. The city still has many remains of the British era and several business are housed in English style buildings. Today, most of the large companies in India tend to have a major presence in Kolkata. To serve these business travelers, offers a wide range of business hotels from world class 5 star hotels to affordable budget accommodation. The locality of the hotel and the facilities one is looking for usually decides the price of a hotel. If one is planning on staying in a centrally located in Kolkata, Park Street area is the most preferred location. Hotels tend to be more expensive here than anywhere else. However, one can find accommodations in all price ranges. Below are some of the nice hotels for business travel.

Best Hotels for Business Travelers

Two of the best business hotels are Taj Bengal and The Oberoi Grand. Both provide top of the line facilities and impeccable service to the guests and are highly rated across many travel review sites. These 5 star hotels tend to be pricey with rates starting from Rs. 12000 per night’s stay. Business travelers working for big or multi-national companies and those who can afford it will definitely love their stay here.

Mid-range business travelers who wants to stay in good hotel without paying as much must check out these two centrally located Kolkata hotels – Hotel Lytton and Hotel Housez43. Both are 3 star hotels and are top-rated in review sites. Hotel Lytton is located on Sudder Street. Hotel Housez43 is located on Mirza Ghalib Street. Both these hotels have been favorites among travelers for many years and are known to provide consistent service to its esteemed travelers.

For the budget conscious travelers, the best accommodations in prime business locations (Park Street) include the Gulshan International. With rates starting from Rs. 1900, this hotel is a great value for your money – particularly considering the fact that Kolkata is an expensive place. Other good budget hotels includes Royal Garden (Rs. 1400) and Park Inn (Rs. 1200).

Depending on what your budget allows, you can always find a good hotel. One has to make sure to compare reviews of multiple hotels before making an online booking. Oh yes, make sure that you book in advance for a worry free accommodation.